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In Album Designing your imagination has become true!

Edit Zone is authorized distributor in Rajasthan for Album Sense CC software by Gujarat’s Company Inside Logic pvt. ltd.

Edit Zone presents world’s finest and best ever fully auto and manual album designing software.

If you want to make an album page of some photographs, you have to select them and then have to press a button of Auto Page. Software will automatically classify horizontal and vertical photos and will make a design according to your selection. There is 4 types of designing theme Automatically, Manually, On Your PSD, Batch Option.

If you don’t like that design, you can press an Auto page button again. Software will present a new design in front of you. Like that we have given 1,00,000 designs in each size. So, totally 1,00,000 designs in one size with more than 10 background theme.

You have to select your photos only and have to click an Auto page button. You will get a fully designed page. That’s it.

New Album Sense CC Features

  • 1. Adjustment – Level, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast
  • 2. Auto Correction – White Balance, Gray Balance, Neutralize, Vibrance Color, Auto Saturation, Auto Level (RGB Channel),
    Auto Level (Luminance), Under Adjustment, Over Adjustment, Shadow Highlight Adjustment, Color Contrast, Color Exposure
  • 3. Color Range – Skin Tone, Except Skin, High Saturation, Low Saturation
  • 4. Instant Feather
  • 5. Filter – Depth Clarity, Gaussian Blur, Soft Blur, Glow Blur, Reduce Sharpen
  • 6. Fine Skin
  • 7. Internal Rotate
  • 8. Smart Composition
  • 9. Select Auto Object
  • 10. Smart Zoom
  • 11. Match Color
  • 12. Smart Eraser
  • 13. Editable Style
  • 14. Ready to use high quality content with automation functionality for manual designing
  • 15. Photo Attachment on selection
  • 16. Photo replace by just click
  • 17. Multi photo Attachment
  • 18. Opacity on selection
  • 19. Non destructive correction with complete image editing tools
  • 20. Non destructive photo effect with unlimited variation
  • 21. Fully loaded and accurate cutting functionality
And Much More With Album Sense CC

Album Sense CC Price – 7500 Multi User Lifetime Version.