In Album Designing your imagination has become true!

Edit Zone is authorized distributor in Rajasthan for Album Sense 2021 software by Gujarat’s Company Inside Logic pvt. ltd.

Edit Zone presents world’s finest and best ever fully auto and manual album designing software.

If you want to make an album page of some photographs, you have to select them and then have to press a button of Auto Page. Software will automatically classify horizontal and vertical photos and will make a design according to your selection. There is 4 types of designing theme Automatically, Manually, On Your PSD, Batch Option.

If you don’t like that design, you can press an Auto page button again. Software will present a new design in front of you. Like that we have given 1,00,000 designs in each size. So, totally 1,00,000 designs in one size with more than 10 background theme.

You have to select your photos only and have to click an Auto page button. You will get a fully designed page. That’s it.


Album Sense 2021 Demo

Album Sense 2021 Features

Unique Design with Automation

You are able create your own design using our Creative Design facility that too with Automation, This unique feature is introduced for the first time in the world.

Effortlessly you can apply your own design style using artificially intelligent automation tools that make your designing more professional and beautiful that suits to your Style.

PHOTOSENSE helps you save in both format PSD & JPG

Let your inventiveness fly with us. Create Quality Design effortlessly.

Automatic Design / Layout Creation

Our AI powered AUTOMATION TOOL is one of its kind in the world, it allows you to create creative design using single-click ‘Auto Page’. You can create automatic layouts using professional templates. Using magical ‘Auto Page’ you can keep changing the design as many times as you want. You get multi-layered editable page design. You can as well decorate your page with lots of available Photo-Boxes, Brushes, Masks, Light Effects etc. Automation introduced in most of our tools that makes your work easy and quick.

Non destructive photo-correction

PhotoSense gives incredibly professional and non-destructive Image correction using Level, Gary and White Balance, Under and Over Adjustment, Black & White , Under and Over Adjustment, Color Contrast, Auto Saturation and Shadow Highlight Adjustment and more using Artificial Intelligent technology on individual image or in batch of images.


Automatic and Smart Tools makes COLOR CORRECTION most easy, Manual tools also available.

Photo Editing & Enhancing Tools

Photo Sense offers world class Photo Editing & Photo Enhancing tools that makes Photo Editing and enhancing very easy and quick. Image Editing tools are backed with artificial intelligent technology that analyses the image, detects the fault and applies required correcting logic with a click.

Quick Mask, Automatic Feather Effect, Auto Focus, Brush Effects are few named here out of lots of easy to use professional image editing options.

This makes your Image look gorgeous. Some of the features and tools are introduced for the First Time in the world and are so unique and unmatched.

Album design using batch process

PhotoSense gives facility for automatic album designing that offers power to you to design professional wedding album instantly.

AlbumSense the unique portal gives liberty to Wedding Album Creative designers to choose from thousands of Album Templates and design professional wedding album pages using in-numerous in-built professional wedding album design templates.

Creative and Professional album page design with a click only with PHOTOSENSE , Tons of creative and stunning design templates.

PHOTOSENSE also helps you create entire album with a single click using Batch.

Change album page size, theme, and design during and even after the entire album creation.

Quick and Easy way to apply EFFECTS

Photosense makes it so easy for you to work with a CLICK, Click to apply EFFECT from Gallery. You can apply Editable Stoke, Photo Box, with single click, you can even change Background Instantly with a click.

Quick and Easy way to apply EFFECTS instantly and create world class designs using PHOTOSENSE.

Use your own PSD or PSD that you have downloaded from NET or our COLLECTION

Customization to make your work Simple, Fast & Easy.

Yes you can creates your own EFFECTS and apply it on single or batch images. This unique facility is introduced for the first time in the world. It gives you power to use your own creativity and create an EFFECT and Store it. Photosense will help you reduce your manual work by saving the EFFECT with custom name given by you and you can USE IT, REUSE IT.

Selection and cutting

Easy to use multi-dimensional selection and cutting tools, ranging from color, mask, ChromaKey, to tools like Lasso, Magic Wend and Marquee.

Precision and Accuracy that to AUTOMATIC. Be it HAIR, similar background or any complex object our AUTO SELECTION & CUTTING TOOL makes it too easy.

Complete range to tools for PROFESSIONAL AUTO CUTTING available.


Edit Zone Studio is a Platform where you can contact wedding photographers, Fashion Photographer, Cinematographer , Editor , Videographer. We Also deals in Photo, Video and product shoot from past several years in all part of India. Edit Zone also Develop Video & Photo Designing Software’s which Helps Wedding Photographers to design their wedding album very easily with less time.